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Maybe we’ve met . . . perhaps we haven’t.
Either way, you may view my shared opinion of our tech-obsessed culture here:

This iPad Mini Parody Video Tells the Hilarious Truth About the iPad Mini | Gizmodo UK.

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The Hold Steady!

so much,
not only do they rock harder than Quartz,
their lyrics are a witty and insightful commentary on the ruggedness of existence
delivered with a gusto P.T. Barnum would shy away from!
We saw them perform at the Ottobar here in Baltimore last night . . . I’m still abuzz!
Photos Here!

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Here’s a great article about it being oK to straddle the analogue / digital line.
{This one’s still walking the wire . . . }

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Writer’s Bloq

Today I joined an online community.
This still feels strange, the saying of it, the words themselves . . .  I am very uncomfortable being with being so accessible, but it seems time to surmount these not entirely unreasonable concerns and “Create an internet presence”, of which this venture here is also a key component.

Writer’s Bloq is actually a great place to “meet” (and by meet, of course I mean, compile as much background information possible on without ever speaking in person to) some of your contemporaries if you’re writing today.
It’s also a great place to check out the emerging and established talent that may or may not be your competition.

You can read some of my poems here.

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When I was in Chicago this past March for the AWP conference, I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with poet Todd Boss.

Boss, along with animator/producer Angella Kassube, created MOTIONPOEMS, where contemporary poetry = amazingly beautiful and unique short films.

You can sign up on the site to have a new MOTIONPOEM sent to you via the emails once a month.  Each one is an exciting collaborative effort between poet and visual artist, between the stillness a poem asks for on the page and the kinetic energy of images in motion.



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A New Project . . .

I have begun to pay closer (not more, because I always pay pretty close attention to every detail of everything . . .) attention to the process by which I attune with my thoughts, and thus the processes by which I formulate ideas; and not just in writing, but also on a more philosophical level.  I’ve just honed my eye, I guess you could say, to take in what’s obviously there, sure, but also to try and observe what’s just beneath, or what’s whispered as opposed to shouted out.

And so, I began and abandoned, began and abandoned numerous project ideas, some of which included: the etymology of stars, the genealogy of punctuation/#s/characters of the alphabet, myths/fables of how each different species of bird came to be/look like it does (*which then evolved into a focus on the shorebirds of MD and then back to a much larger scope), various “tree-of-life” diagrams, Venn diagrams, flow charts, some mathematical theory came into play . . .

And then I turned to the images, first at the museum and then to the ones lying in wait in my own creative subconscious.  I spent hours (that, although I at first felt “I should be writing” during this time, I realized pretty quickly that it was fine, that what I was involved in was informing and inspiring the writing that would come, which was an encouraging feeling indeed) collaging little vignettes together, then chose the few that spoke the loudest and got down to “writing”.

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