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Part With Never
now available

You have no
suit of armor,
what good is one
of wax?

Hello Everyone,

It’s great to be back with you after a hiatus of several months.  I am very proud and pleased to announce that I have been spending that time with my nose to the stone that grinds, finishing up my MFA, and putting the final touches (as if a poem is ever really finally touched . . .) on this, my first collection of poems Part With Never.

This work represents the culmination of the last three years’ extent of the processing, extricating and remodeling of thoughts; of somehow figuring articulation, and large-scale replication.

Between these covers exists an ongoing conversation with Place & the feeling of being Dis\Placed, the ideas of Home; clouded memories; evasive emotions; the sound of bees, hidden & busy inside the hive.

. . .

I chose abandon,
never favored the familiar.

I can’t find a river to listen;

these kids throw whiskey bottles
instead of stones to decompress.

. . .

from Urban Demoralization


. . .

The briefest hesitation left to lean,
a casual wall; the smell:
old wood in the stairwell.

. . .

from In the Driveway


. . .

Thumbs and forefingers
formed the mouths of hungry birds,
filled their beaks with pink flesh,
set aloft upon thermals
generated by oiled feathers
and songs disguised as whispers.

. . .

from The Minutes of the Afternoon Were Like Bright Mirrors

You can purchase the book using PayPal by clicking on the “Buy Now” link below.

I appreciate your support, and welcome your feedback.


View the cover : Part With Never
{I designed the entire book—cover & text layout—myself.}


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