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A correspondence between thoughts and
the world by and in which they are inspired.

Here you may be asked to look under that rock . . .
do you recall what is hiding beneath it?


It may be a word or a few strung together:
what binds them to one another, to us;
each of us to ourselves, to each other?

Something someone said, or wrote:
fleetingly; haltingly; reluctantly; convincingly:
what did you carry into it, away from it?

An image, perhaps:
what was intended to be captured;
became entrapped in the emulsion?

A scent:
animal; mineral; chemical; epicureal:
what do you taste when you close your eyes & inhale?

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Here is a wonderful article, brought to us by the good people at the Atlantic :

Have you ever wondered about the origins of these little marks we use without giving a second thought, these grammatical harbingers that bring order to our literary chaos?

If you love punctuation marks as much as I do, some admittedly a whole lot more than others, then you’ll get a kick out of this.

My favorite little segment was dedicated to the em-dash, though I harbor a certain affection for the interrobang; if you’re not familiar with it, well, there’s a second reason to read this piece!

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Letters of Note

Here is an amazing sight/site!Letters of Note is an online collection of correspondence which long predates the internets, and that, if not for Shaun Usher, would’ve been long tossed off in its wake.

Letters, postcards, telegrams, etc.  Each one tells a story that deserves telling again.
Also, you may enjoy Letterheady: a site dedicated to unique and beautiful letterhead designs & Lists of Note, two more sites maintained by Usher.

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